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ARTIS allows anonymous 1-click subscriptions Save time, money and head space ARTIS is 10-100 time faster than Ethereum ARTIS is able to handle as many transactions as Paypal and Visa Enabling real life use cases for the subscription based economy

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Minerva App

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ARTIS is the first blockchain designed to enable

Built in Austria by a passionate and diverse team of experts. Based on the robust Ethereum code, refined with substantial upgrades.

Implemented with tested use cases, a strong network of partners and a highly usable App. ARTIS provides a fair and efficient ecosystem where everyone can transact from peer to peer.


Save time, money & headspace

Privacy & Usability. Pick both!

ARTIS can provide an amazing user experience and an extremely high level of privacy to a vast number of services that are offered online. Facilitated by our technical innovation called Streems, ARTIS’ Anonymous One-Click Subscriptions save 80 per cent until payment confirmation compared with a conventional checkout process.


ARTIS is providing access to smart services

ARTIS’ unique functionality of streaming money is predisposed to cater to subscription-based business models. Digital Natives and the new generation of consumers is no longer interested in ownership and consumption, but easy access to smart and flexible services.


Save Headspace.

You probaly know what it means to spend a lot of time thinking about the right data package, the best energy provider or how much money to put in a parking clock. Even more of your thoughts are wasted on billing, accounting and paying. With ARTIS, anything can be a flatrate, where you only pay exactly what you've consumed. That will save you massive amounts of headspace and you can start living instead of paying.


Three solutions for
three problems.

Nr. 1 Scalability

Nr. 2 Energy-saving

Nr. 3 Entry Barriers

Cash Flow,

To drastically reduce the number of transactions, ARTIS offers a completely new payment solution. Streems set up a flow of money from one user to the other, making recurring payments obsolete.

That way, you avoid annual subscriptions, test months and complicated billing. You simply start the Streem and immediately use your subscription – newspaper, software, video content. Once you don’t want to use the subscription anymore, you simply cancel the Streem.

This is especially useful for small service providers who can offer their quality service quickly and effortlessly.

stop paying. start living.

ARTIS Network:
1 billion potential members.

A sophisticated network of Trustnodes, Freenodes and registrars will make sure ARTIS and all its users behave appropriately. They have their separate tasks and are rewarded if they do their job well. They also supervise each other, leading to a lean structure that can handle a total of 1 billion members

Proof of Stake right from the start!

High usability and
free coins.

The highly usable Minerva App allows users to browse service offerings, chat with other users and pay directly via Streem or private payment channel. It allows for safe key storage and lets you exchange currency from fiat to crypto. It makes interacting with the ARTIS ecosystem intuitive and easy.

No complicated user interfaces

And who is building and managing all this?

ARTIS foundation


A fully independant, non-profit organization, located in Europe and made up of a diverse group of blockchain professionals with the right track record. Develop the technology fully & set up local sharing economies.

Lab10 Cooperative


A common-good oriented cooperative in Graz, Austria. They will cover most of the initial ARTIS development. A contract with the ARTIS Foundation ensures continuous improvements and development of key resources.

supported &
initially built by

Network members

takes care

They assure the network integrity and are rewarded if they do their job well. The hardware infrastructure is maintained by Trustnodes and Freenodes. The sign-on process of Members is handled by Registrars. Governance, coin distribution and consensus will be managed independently, to avoid interference between them.
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relies on


fill ARTIS with life

So basically the person who wants to lend or rent a car. Users fill any ecosystem with life. If they use it in a meaningful and responsible way, it thrives. They also maintain a trustworthy, well performing network by highlighting challenges, proposing and working on improvements for the ARTIS protocol.

designs for

3rd Party developers


Start-Ups and industry partners provide platforms, products and services that integrate with the network.


Now you can get involved too.

If you consider an investment...

... secure your share of ATS

during the Public Funding Round and benefit from the huge potential the ARTIS blockchain offers.


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