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What is ARTIS?

The ARTIS Network is an easy-to-use public blockchain system that is built with sustainability in mind by doing away with energy-intensive mining. As an Ethereum sidechain, the ARTIS Network is using the performant Parity-node software which has WebAssembly enabled – allowing every smart contract to be developed with outstanding security using Rust, C or C++. Existing DApps can migrate or use several blockchains in parallel, whatever is preferred and more suitable.

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The ARTIS Network is one piece of the puzzle in an effort to re-decentralize our digital lives, allowing increased privacy and regaining control over our data and identities. Therefore, this infrastructure is specifically built for high throughput, low latency and marginal cost.



With Minerva, we have created a powerful piece of software for mobile devices. It is the first true digital wallet on the market and it‘s built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Much like a physical wallet stores IDs, credit cards and cash, Minerva can handle many forms of (Self-Sovereign) digital identities, logins, cryptographic assets, digital currencies and more!

Minvera Wallet


Humans can do many amazing things – remembering random chunks of letters and numbers in a specific order isn‘t one of them though… This is why the ARTIS Name Service (ANS) provides a human readable address format for wallets on the ARTIS Blockchain, so that users can easily identify and remember addresses and interact more efficiently and with better security.

ARTIS Name Service



Start ARTIS development

Q1 / 2017


ARTIS Mainnet

14. Nov 2018


Blockscout BC Explorer

January 2019

Ethereum Bridge

March 2019

HW Wallet Support

Q2, 2019

Grant Program

Q2, 2019

DEX Listing

Q2-Q3, 2019

Minerva Demo

April, 2019

Honeybadger Consensus

Q3, 2019


SWARM Integration

Q1, 2020

Unique Human Sign-on

Q1, 2020

Further Development



If you are developing a DApp or maybe already have one on Ethereum, you can choose to deploy it on ARTIS. Only minor adjustments are needed and you (and your users) will benefit from low transaction costs.
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