Creating the infrastructure for a global growth market

by lab10 collective

ARTIS is building the infrastructure for a subscription-based economy.

Facilitated by our technical innovation called Streems, ARTIS’ Anonymous One-Click Subscriptions make new business models viable. This is particularly interesting for any kind of subscriptions and services in the sharing economy. With building this infrastructure for a rapidly growing subscription-based economy.

To experience the stark difference between traditional payment methods and the fast and simple payment via Streems, watch this video:

This is just one of many use cases in which ARTIS reduces the time saved until payment confirmation by 80 per cent, compared with a conventional checkout process.

We believe that ARTIS can provide an amazing user experience and an extremely high level of privacy to a vast number of services that are offered online.

If you believe in the disruptive nature of anonymous One-Click Subscriptions, consider an investment in ARTIS starting from May 31st.

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