Redefining the subscription-based economy

through anonymous 1-click subscriptions & streaming money.

One of many use cases in which ARTIS saves time until payment confirmation by 80%.


Full Of Value

DESIGNED FOR THE Subscription-based economy

We believe that on-chain payment channels are well suited for subscriptions of all kinds and services in the sharing and subscription-based economy, a rapidly growing market. ARTIS will allow the most convenient and safe Anonymous 1-click-Subscription imaginable.

A robust network as a backbone

One of ARTIS’ main goals is to build a lasting, functioning ecosystem, where people can transact safely for as long and as often as possible.

To ensure this, ARTIS operates on decentralized governance and is anchored on a trusted network of nodes.

trusted network

1. Trusted Network of Nodes

We’re implementing Proof of Stake right from the get-go, so we know everyone is serious about using ARTIS responsibly.

Trusted nodes will identify humans safely and are rewarded for identification and confirmation of transactions.

reputation rewards

2. Reputation Rewards

If nodes take care of the ecosystem, they are rewarded in coins for their work and integrity. That’s a very strong incentive for responsible behavior. This guarantees stability.

decentralized governance

3. Decentralized Governance

ARTIS will be governed by a decentralized, liquid democracy inspired system utilizing the unique ARTIS Network - combining a mixture of off-chain and on-chain decision making.

All of the nodes collectively take care of the network, rendering it immune to power struggles.

better payment channels

4. Better payment channels

Freenodes will operate the Saturn payment channel network. These payment channels are fast and private and can be accessed via the Minerva App.

building on Ethereum and beyond

5. Building on Ethereum and beyond

ARTIS will build on the proven Ethereum technology to avoid the security issues of completely new systems. Since security is a core issue, every modification of the network will be peer-reviewed. Anything critical to the security of funds will be audited by accredited external experts. Some of them can already be found in the cooperation network list.

How the proof of stake consensus works

Large and sustainable network design
The node network is calculated to grow to a total of 200 Trustnodes. These Trustnodes will manage up to 10,000 Freenodes, where every Freenode can have up to 100 Registrars. Every Registrar can register up to 500 unique humans (Members). This creates a total system capacity of 1bn Members.

For humans

Money by the people
for the people

To avoid concentration of wealth ARTIS wants to motivate as many people as possible to use its infrastructure. That way, developers can build quality services for a large user base.

That’s why ARTIS shares parts of the ‚minting‘ rewards with the community. Every anonymously registered human receives freshly-minted free ATS via a Streem. This removes the entry barrier for many users, since they don’t have to buy ATS first, but can interact on the blockchain right away.

This greatly increases the chance of creating a large, healthy network of both motivated users and a wide array of DApps that deliver quality services.

The free money for the people acts as a form of extensively distributed basic income, which motivates users to behave responsibly in the network.

By humans

Building with global contribution

In sharing many similarities with Ethereum, ARTIS is opening the application space for new business models. ARTIS will enable and support external developers to build useful decentralized apps, that will:

  • utilize the ARTIS member base
  • build new business models
  • facilitate the integration of Streems
  • be user-friendly and intuitive to use

Resource-friendly business and accounting models of the sharing economy will thrive on the ARTIS blockchain and vice versa. This forms and fosters a powerful synergy of continuously increasing value.

3,000,000,000 ATS

are available at the beginning. Limited amounts will go to all ARTIS network-relevant functions as well as the ARTIS Foundation to support further development.

21,000,000,000 ATS

will ultimately be distributed, of which app. 75% will go to members directly.

Features that set ARTIS apart

What about continuous payments?


With this revolutionary payment method, cash literally flows. Once you’ve set up a Streem with a service provider, coins flow from your wallet to theirs, exactly as you’re using the service. This saves time and head space: If you want to subscribe to a service, you simply set up a Streem, no registration needed. Once you don’t need the service anymore, you simply cancel the Streem. The next time you’re using the service, the Streem is already set up and will start to flow again.

What will I use to pay and transact?

minerva logo

Minerva App
Minerva is the central app for all user interactions, serving as a DApp, Chat, Contract Tool and Payment Channel all at once. It will be intuitive to use, letting users choose their mode of payment freely.

What’s the currency?

artis ico

The native coin of the ARTIS blockchain. Short for Austrian Shilling, as a hat-tip to the place where it’s developed and minted.

Or one of many other tokens, that our service partners will integrate in the ARTIS blockchain!

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