The Blockchain infrastructure
for the subscription-based economy

Anonymous 1-click subscriptions & streaming money
to make new business models viable.

31.5. Start Date
26.10. End Date
Funding Goal:
5 Mio
191.246 €*
of funding goal

*amount booked during Private and Public Sale

How to invest: Video  or step by step

30. September – Lock Date in

Until the 'Lock Date', everybody can withdraw their deposit. The Ethereum price on 26th October 2018 will define the amount of ATS Tokens distributed

Early Investor
3.51 %
(10% p.a.)


- 100% Ethereum smart contract compatible
- 200 - 2000 txns / sec
- 5 sec block time
- Tendermint consensus


ARTIS tackles three essential problems in crypto


Scalability solution: streem

STREEMs will redefine the way we understand subscriptions. ARTIS addresses the scalability problem: Streems transform discrete and recurring payments into a flow of money, on-chain.


Remove entry barriers

ARTIS is designed for usability and allows everyone to interact with its applications (free ARTIS coins for all registered members)

proof of stake

Sustainable & fast consensus

ARTIS will have a performing network of nodes running with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (Tendermint) , allowing energy- and cost-efficient operation and returns for the staking of ARTIS coins.

What we are already building on

smart contract

Reliable code base (Ethereum)

As part of the Ethereum ecosystem – the proven smart contracting platform – ARTIS shares the same code base, using the same virtual machine and programming language.


Working proof-of-concept

On the ARTIS test net the suggested improvements (e.g. Streems) are up and running. And we have an MVP of the Minerva wallet too!


Reputable blockchain developers and partners

ARTIS is developed by an interdisciplinary team of experienced and passionate professionals and receives lots of support by academia, businesses and developers.

Secure your share of ATS tokens

and benefit from the huge potential
the ARTIS blockchain offers

Hard cap only € 22.5 M

and limited coin supply (1.5bn ATS À 1.5ct)

Total market value of € 45 M

offering a potential increase in value

Same conditions

for investors during the funding rounds

How are the token/coins distributed?

Initial token distribution
Final coin distribution

50% or 1.5bn ATS for the initial crowd distribution
33.4% or 1bn ATS for the ARTIS Foundation
8.3% or 250M ATS for the development team and early supporters
8.3% or 250M ATS for the lab10 collective

76% or 15.9bn ATS for public distribution to registered Members
13.2% or 2.8bn ATS for the ARTIS Foundation
7.2% or 1.5bn ATS for the initial crowd distribution
1.2% or 250M ATS for the development team and early supporters
1.2% or 250M ATS for the lab10 collective
1.1% or 224M ATS for network rewards to the ARTIS Network

Symbol ATS (ERC20)
You will be able to swap these ATS tokens for ARTIS coins as soon as the ARTIS mainnet is live, planned for December 2018
Platform Ethereum

Max. Coin Supply for Sale 1.5 bn
Max. Coin at TGE 3 bn
Max. Total coin supply 21 bn
Funding Goal € 5 m
Hard Cap € 22.5m

Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH
Maximum Contribution none
Offered Exchange Rate 1 ATS = € 0.015
Exchange Rate floating

Initial Token Offer 31.5.2018 13:37 CEST/GMT+2
Lock Date 30.9.2018
TGE Date 26.10.2018 13:37 CEST/GMT+2

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