Join the ARTIS team


The development team of the ARTIS project is looking for new team members. ARTIS is designed to help transition from a closed, proprietary, centralized, and privacy disrespecting system architectures to open, decentralized and privacy respecting ones. We focus on the good parts and positive potential of blockchain and related (cryptography, P2P networking, etc.) technology and aim to build a sustainable and useful network which is and remains relevant beyond speculation bubbles.

Requirements to join


If this sounds interesting for you and you would like to join us, here’s what we require:

  • Willingness to be a good team player: communication skills, knowledge sharing, follow established conventions, cooperative mindset in general
  • Ability to be productive in an environment without conventional hierarchy, rules and environment: we act with self-organizing teams, without fixed working hours, distributed location-wise
  • Natural curiosity and love for learning
  • Reliable and mid to long term commitment about availability and focus
  • Familiarity with open source communities/tools/processes

1. Core

The ARTIS protocol is an extension of the Ethereum protocol.
We have chosen the Rust based Ethereum-implementation "Parity" as the basis for our core development
(because of its superior performance and because we consider Rust a great language for the task) and have
started work on the following modifications:

  • support for continuous value transfers (aka "Streaming Money" aka "Streems")
  • implementation of the Tendermint consensus protocol (instead of the wasteful Bitcoin-like Proof-of-Work protocol Ethereum currently uses)


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Solid know-how and experience of system programming (e.g. with C++)
  • High awareness of non-functional aspects (e.g. performance, security)
  • Bonus: experience with network programming (ideally P2P)
  • Bonus: experience with the Rust language

2. Crypto(graphy)

If you are into cryptography, but annoyed by all the fuzz about "blockchain" and by the fact that "crypto" has become an alias for "crypto money", just ignore it - knowing that without asymmetric cryptography and merkle trees it would all fall apart.
While not having deep expertise in the field yet, we have come to the conclusion that what we've seen so far is only the beginning of what cryptography has to offer when it comes to building decentralized and privacy respecting systems.

We're especially interested in:

  • Key sharing schemes: to leverage real-world trust relations for usable security and safety
  • Zero knowledge proofs: to build privacy preserving tools based on self sovereign identities and cryptographically signed claims
  • Differential privacy: to enable global queries on distributed data sets without opening the door for de-anonymization


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Deep understanding of the cryptography used by Ethereum
  • Ability to co-develop concepts for real-world applications based on advanced cryptography like ZKPs
  • Basic coding skills (able to develop PoCs)


3. Mobile

In order to be useful and usable for mortals, ARTIS needs to provide mobile user interfaces.
While parts of that may be implemented with non-native technologies (e.g. React Native), we will need at least some native components, e.g. for secure key storage, OS integration (Android Intents, iOS App Extensions) etc.
The luxury of starting from scratch gives us the freedom (and burden) to choose technologies. For native development we prefer Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Provable (show the code) experience in mobile development
  • Good knowledge of Android/iOS features related to the notification system, cross-application integration options and (secure) storage
  • Familiar with the release / Appstore related processes

4. Web

Ethereum popularized the concept of DApps (Decentralized Apps). These are usually ordinary web applications transacting with the blockchain.
ARTIS can leverage the whole Ethereum ecosystem (e.g. the web3js library). Additionally we want to keep a close eye on upcoming web technologies, e.g. "Decentralized Identifiers" (DIDs) for self sovereign identity and "Web Payments". Both are still being discussed by W3C working groups, and there's a chance to actively participate.
Our focus is not on building DApps ourselves (except of PoCs and sample/reference implementations), but to provide a toolkit for web developers which makes it easier to build sites using (DID based) authentication and payment mechanisms of ARTIS rather than integrating Facebook authentication and Paypal payments.


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Fluent in Javascript (ES6+), HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience with React (bonus: React Native)
  • Able to build tracker-free (that includes loading assets from CDNs) web applications
  • Able to make good trade-offs between re-inventing the wheel and dependency bloat
  • Good architecturing skills


The lab10 collective doesn’t have employees. Instead, you would apply for membership.
As a member you would become a shareholder and be entitled to invoice the collective.

For more details, please send us an email at

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