Run your ARTIS Freenode and become part of our community!

First Ethereum code based blockchain with node rewards, implementing the Tendermint consensus.

The ARTIS node network is calculated to grow to a total of 200 Trustnodes and 5,000 Freenodes.

Our Freenodes are building the base network structure, consisting of thousands of constantly running full nodes.

Run ARTIS Freenode
and earn reputation rewards!


Investment only € 10,000

Collateral of ATS 660k required* (price at public funding round)


Collateral reduce
over time

ATS 200k after 10 years


Attractive rewards

especially in the bootstrap and growth phase: ~30% in the first year, ~10% in second year


Further benefits

after launching additional services as Saturn payment channels, Plasma chains, decentralized data storage etc.


Anonymous participation

no review required

* and fulfill other requirements imposed by the protocol: static IP address, 24x7 availability, collateral stored in a smart contract.

Interesting KPIs for Node operators

YearTotal coin suppycirculating coins*InflationEstimated number of freenodesReq. collateral per freenodeEst. Reward p.a. (in ATS)
13.1 bn3.1 bn4%200620 K30%
23.9 bn3.3 bn6%600550 K10%
34.7 bn3.6 bn8%1000490 K6%
45.5 bn3.9 bn10%1500440 K5%
56.2 bn4.3 bn10%1900390 K4%

* to limit inflation.

KPIs are based on estimated values.

Become an ARTIS Node operator!

Secure your ATS tokens at the best conditions and participate in the Public Funding Round, starting on May 31st

Participate now

Disclaimer: The ARTIS chain and node reward program will be launched in December 2018. ATS tokens will be swapped for ARTIS coins as soon as the ARTIS main net is live.

NOW 10% p.a. BONUS ATS tokens for early investors.

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