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ARTIS is the decentralized backbone for tomorrow’s #ZeroCarbonSociety.

ARTIS is an open, permissionless smart contract platform built for the circular economy. It is the most energy efficient Ethereum compliant blockchain with the added benefit of scalability, low fees, real-time transactions and easy deployment.

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The difference at a glance

ARTIS is 500x more energy efficient than Visa or MasterCard,
1,000x times cheaper than Ethereum or Bitcoin and can handle
up to 1,000 transactions per second with real-time
transaction processing.

Energy efficiency
~ 0.004 Wh/Tx
2.4 Wh/Tx
580 kWh/Tx
Energy consumption
(in US-households)
~ 10
~ 40.000
~ 7.000.000

unbeatable advantages

ARTIS manages and secure assets, data and
identities in a 100% tamper proof, decentralized
blockchain systems. Fully compliant with Ethereum.

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

ARTIS is 99.999%* more energy efficient than Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses proof-of-work (POW), ARTIS is capitalizing on the Proof-of-Authority (POA) consensus mechanism.

Low fees

Low fees

Low and predictable fees are a key requirement to run decentralized applications at scale. ARTIS allows for up to 10,000x cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum and is a reliable layer atop.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

The ARTIS blockchain is designed for large-scale business applications and scales both horizontally as well as vertically. The network setup of new chains can be adjusted according to its major use cases.

Ethereum compliant

Ethereum compliant

ARTIS uses the same code base as Ethereum making it the best choice for decentralized applications that need to capitalize on Ethereum while needing more scalability and faster settlement times.



The ARTIS blockchain can be easily bridged to other Ethereum EVM compatible blockchains, allowing the movement of assets between the chains: several bridges have been deployed already.

Lightning speed

Lightning speed

A block is produced at every 5 seconds allowing it to support sensitive value transfers in the context of end consumer applications.

Easy & simple deployment

Easy & simple deployment

The ARTIS blockchain allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications putting the developer in the driver’s seat. With less effort, more gets done.


Open Source

The ARTIS blockchain is an open, standards-based, free to use open-source blockchain system accessible to anyone.

Tamper proof user protection

Tamper proof user protection

The ARTIS blockchain, together with the Minerva Wallet’s decentralized ID capabilities, goes far beyond GDPR and puts humans privacy at the center.

Full stack blockchain platform

ARTIS is an open blockchain protocol with multiple
software layers to decentralize, not just value transfer
and data integrity, but human and machine identities too.

Layer 4

Sustainable Trustless Applications

E-mobility use cases
Renewable energy use cases

Layer 3

Identity & Asset Management


Layer 2

Low Fee & Scalability

Value Transfer
Data Integrity

Layer 1

Decentralized Financial System



On a relentless pursuit towards a
sustainable, climate conscious society.

Start ARTIS development

Q1 / 2017

The development of ARTIS was started with the objective to underpin use cases for a sustainable, carbon neutral economy.


ARTIS Public Blockchain Launch

April 2018

The ARTIS Blockchain was introduced in cooperation with the Cryptoeconomics Research Lab at the WU Vienna with the objective of offering an open blockchain protocol to experiment with programmable money for various applications.


ARTIS Mainnet Launch

November 2018

While the crypto markets were collapsing, we have been working relentlessly to launch the ARTIS main net and managed to overdeliver in times where most market participants underdelivered.


Hardware Wallet Support for ATS

March 2019

Providing a safe storage possibility of assets on ARTIS and for the ARTIS native token ATS.


Ethereum Bridges

April 2019

The movement of assets between blockchains (interoper-ability) is key for broader blockchain adoption. Several bridges have been implemented to effortlessly move ATS, PLY and DAI tokens between Ethereum and ARTIS.


World Premier of the car that charges itself

May 2019

ARTIS supports the world’s first automated EV-charging with streamable DAI via the Minerva Wallet proving that real-world blockchain based use cases are on the verge of mass adoption.


ARTIS ‘Moon’ Network Upgrade

Q1 2020

With the Moon Network Upgrade, ARTIS will be the first blockchain to use the Honey Badger of BFT consensus (HBBFT) the most resilient, performant and censorship-resistant consensus protocol available.


POC of 1 Earth | 0 Carbon Fund

Q2 2019

A coordination platform to foster the transition to carbon neutral energy supply on a global scale.


DEX Listing

Q3 2020

ARTIS will be listed on multiple decentralized exchanges.


Swarm Integration

Q4 2019

ARTIS will integrate Swarm and will be amongst the first to support decentralized storage.


Further Development

Q1 2021

The development of the network will be carried out based on the learnings and achievements of 2020.



ARTIS is supported by a growing number
of wallets for secure and easy access.



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Want to learn more about ARTIS?

Learn about trust nodes, the underlying
governance model and much more.

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